When to Use a Magic Marked Deck

A magic marked deck is a deck that has hidden marks on its card backs, which enable the magician to perform a variety of tricks. They can be incredibly useful for magic and mentalists, but they should be used with caution and care.

When to use a marked board

The majority card magic is performed with an average deck. This is because it requires sleights of hand and skill in dealing cards. Some magicians may prefer a deck with special markings, but there are a few situations when this is the best thing to do.

2. The markings need to be large enough to be easy to see at a glance.

Some magicians prefer to use marked decks with tiny markings. However, this can make reading the cards much more difficult and is not always the best option. This can also cause problems when performing card effects, as it can take a long time to look at the markings and then call out a card.

3. The markings should be located on the long edges, not the middle. This is a practical consideration, as it makes it easy to see the markings when the deck is displayed face-up in a spread or fan.

4. The deck should be printed on high-quality stock with a smooth feel.

This is a good choice for magicians who are looking for a well-made deck of marked cards that will last a long time. These cards are printed on United States Playing Card Company Elite Stock and have a nice feel.

5. This deck includes online teaching by Jon Armstrong and Rick Lax, along with an instruction booklet that explains what the markings are on the backs. This deck is an excellent choice for magicians who want to learn how they can read the markings on marked cards with confidence and ease.

6. These cards are made from a very thick material, so they are very durable and can stand up to a lot of wear and tear. This is a popular choice for magicians who wish to use marked decks. Experts in card magic recommend it as one of the best.

7. This deck comes from big magic brand Ellusionist.

These cards are made of a thick, high-quality material. They are extremely durable and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. This product is a great choice for magicians looking for specialized marked cards and is a top seller.

8. This is a marked deck of the BicycleMaidenBack design, produced and sold by the United States Playing Card Company.