Marked Decks

What are marked cards?
Marked cards have secret markings on their backs or sides that help poker players or magicians identify the suit and value of the card when it is face-down. Marked cards can be read using different methods, including contact lenses, glasses or scanner cameras.

What are the different types of marked cards available in the market?
Three main types of marked cards are available on the market.
Invisible infrared marked cards are printed using invisible infrared pens to mark the backs of the original playing card. The markings on the back of playing cards are invisible to naked eyes, but can be seen with infrared glasses or contact lenses. Specific inks are also available to make the markings visible only to infrared cameras.
Barcode-Marked Deck This type of marked deck is only readable with a scanner and poker analyzer. Barcode patterns are printed on the four corners of the cards. With the poker analyzer, players will know the result of Texas Hold’em/Omaha even before the cards are dealt.
Magic Marked Card are cards that are commercially produced by famous card manufacturers and are popular among magicians. The value/suit of a card can be identified quickly with some training and mastery.
Can I mark the playing cards myself?
Customers want to buy an invisible ink pen so they can mark their own playing cards. This is not recommended as different playing cards come in different designs, colors and patterns. When processing different styles of playing card, our technicians must adjust the powder-solution proportion of invisible ink. There are also some post-processes that can be used to stabilize the invisible markings. They will easily be exposed if they are not.

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