Bicycle Maiden Marked Cards Deck for Gambling


Product Information

Brand: Bicycle

Origin: USA

Available Color: Blue &Amp; Red

Material: Paper

Size: Poker Size

Application: Magic Shows &Amp; Casino Games



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Available in both red and blue backs with standard faces, plus the iconic Joker and Ace of Spades, the Bicycle Maiden Back Deck is like the sibling twin of the Rider Back Deck. Both are made by US Playing Cards Co. and are made of paper.

Gambling playing cards marked Bicycle Maiden utilize the original Bicycle deck, a very classic and popular card. Manufactured and printed by USPCC. The alternates printed on the back of the poker are five times larger than typical card markings which are easy to read. This marked poker his deck is perfect for top poker his magicians.

The Colossal Mark is fully integrated into the pattern of the Bicycle Maiden’s Mark card, making it particularly elusive. It’s like a chameleon hiding in a large forest, making it difficult for others to find you. Plus, we have the easiest system to get you started right away.

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