AKK K2 Poker Hand Analyzer


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1. 1 Remote Controller

2. 2 Batteries Or 3 Batteries

3. 1 Charger

Application: Poker Games

Brand: AKK


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AKK K2 Iphone Poker Analyzer is a special analyzer CPU for poker scan system. Also known as K20 Iphone Analyzer. The AKK K2 Iphone Poker Analyzer is a turning point in the history of poker analyzers.

AKK K2 Iphone Analyzer is processed on his Iphone4 which was prevalent among poker analyzers. Moreover, the appearance of the Poker Analyzer is no different between the processed and the original. Therefore, many poker enthusiasts prefer to place their marked cards on the poker table to hear the final result while sunning. Compared to his previous MDA and V68 poker analyzers, the Iphone 4 analyzer is much better and its battery supports longer time.

The AKK K2 Poker Analyzer works well with wireless scanning cameras. After the poker scanning camera scans the barcode marked cards, the AKK K2 poker analyzer processes the data and reports the results to the user.

This K2 analyzer is available in black and white. You can choose whichever you like.

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