Copag Edge Side Marked Decks For Poker Analyzer System


Product Information

Decks: 2

Size: Poker Size/Bridge Size

Index: Jumbo Index/Standard Index

Color: Red, Blue, Golden, Grey, Brown, Light Blue, Red Wine And Green

Material: 100% Plastic

Application: Casino Poker Games &Amp; Magic Shows


Availability: 10000 in stock

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Copag 1546 marked playing cards with invisible barcodes printed on the sides are for poker analyzer system cheats.
There is no difference between a card with barcode marks and his original Copag 1546 playing cards. Once the marked cards are shuffled, they are difficult to find. Additionally, Copag 1546 poker cards marking bar codes are scanned by a poker scanning lens that is always disguised as car keys, cigarette boxes, watches, or other routine items. The secret link between these two types of poker cheat devices is magic.
After reading the card, the Poker Lens sends the barcode card data to the Poker Analyzer. Within a second, the earpiece allows him to receive the results with 100% accuracy. Applicable to all kinds of poker games and magic shows.
The Copag 1546 Barcode Marked Card is the premier marked laser card based on decades of experienced marking technology. Makes edge side marks on his four sides of the card, regardless of which side of the card you scan.

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