Old Trophy Modiano Barcode Making Invisible Ink Cards


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Decks: 1

Size: Poker Size

Index: Jumbo Index

Colors: Red And Blue

Material: 100% Plastic

Application: Casino Poker Games &Amp; Magic Shows


Availability: 10000 in stock

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Cards marked with luminous juice ink that contact lenses can see, back marking cards with infrared ink that can be read by IR poker cameras, invisible on the edge side that can be scanned by poker lenses, for different purposes There are various types of invisible ink marked cards, such as ink playing cards. .
Modiano Old Trophy Laser Secret Barcode Marked Cards with All-in-One Poker Analyzer scanning function are suitable for poker players to use in poker games and magicians to perform in entertainment shows. He can get the one poker card he needs or receive a poker player’s ranking.
The Modiano Old Trophy Laser Barcode Card is his one of a kind magic poker tool. GS’s high quality barcode marked cards work with all types of poker card scanner devices.

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