Poker Marked Cards Scanner Camera In Vacuum Cup


Product Information

Camera: 1

Scanning Distance: About 35-60Cm

Scanning Width: About 10-20Cm

Battery Life: 3 Hours

Application: Poker Games

Application: Reading Invisible Ink Markings &Amp; Magical Shows


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There is no life without water. Everyone needs drinking water every day. Also, use a cup to fill the water when you drink. And when you want to drink, you put the cup on the table, right? Introducing an advanced cup with poker scanner camera lens, a type of poker cheat device.
This is a new design vacuum cup with HD poker scanning camera inside. He can also scan laser barcodes, whether plastic or paper cards, with a secret invisible ink marked with playing cards. This vacuum thermos cup poker card camera works with any generation poker analyzer system, including the latest and most advanced PK King 518 poker analyzer and his CVK or AKK playing card analyzers.
The reading distance between the dedicated cup scanning camera and edgeside juice mark poker cards is about 35 cm, so you can play with the cup mark card scanner even in the darkroom. Plus, there’s a mini remote that you can turn the cup camera on or off with the push of a button, greatly saving battery life.
With an advanced cup-marked card poker lens and a poker analyzer device, the poker camera scans the marking deck with invisible ink, 0.3 seconds after he scans the marking deck, and you can hear the results through your wireless earbuds.

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