Secret Fournier 2818 Invisible Ink Barcode Marked Cards


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Decks: 1

Size: Poker Size

Index: Jumbo Index

Colors: Red, Black, Orange And Green

Material: 100% Plastic

Brand: Fournier


Availability: 10000 in stock

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Buy Fournier poker decks from the original country and mark them on invisible secret ink barcode marking poker cards. Fournier 2818 barcode marked cards are edge side invisible ink playing cards is a kind of
What is a barcode invisible ink card? Special invisible Fournier 2818 marked cards hidden on the edge side are laser barcoded, scanned by poker scanning cameras and designed to work with poker winner prediction systems. Unlike UV/IR invisible ink pen contact lenses and glowing juice-marked cards for his X-ray glasses, you’ll see poker cards with numbers and the back of the suit. Cards marked with barcode invisible ink are suitable for poker scanning systems.
After the Fournier 2818 invisible ink marking cards are scanned by the poker scanner camera, the wireless spy poker earpiece delivers poker results.

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