YT-468P Interphone Poker Cheating Tools


Product Information

Color: Silver

Size: 100 * 60 * 16 Mm

Origin: China

Transmission Method: Wireless

Function: Audio Transfer

Application: Casino Poker Games &Amp; Magic Shows


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YT-468P intercom is a kind of latest marked card accessories from GS luminous ink contact lens supplier with fashionable appearance as other intercoms. Intercoms are commonly used in public places such as banks, hospitals, and casinos. No one realizes that this is one of the accessories of poker tricks, even if his partner tells him that he is fifty meters away from the poker results.
His YT-468P transceiver of this kind works with a signal receiver to transfer information. You can adjust the channel yourself, but you can’t connect Bluetooth.
Power can be charged directly to the YT-468P poker deck intercom. Also, the power energy of both the transceiver and the signal receiver will last up to 10 hours.
Compared with YT-K1 intercom, YT-468P mobile phone without walkie-talkie SIM
The chip card can deliver clearer sound clarity than other chip cards that can tune the voice. However, it should be noted that the signal receiver and wireless spy earphones must be placed at 1 m of him.
During a poker game, it’s safer for your partner to analyze his bar code marked cards with laser invisible ink hidden in the poker card accessory transceiver, then tell the poker odds scanner system and receive the results in his earpiece playing cards.

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