The Rarest Deck of Playing Cards

There are a lot of different types of playing cards out there. Some are common and readily available while others are rare and highly valuable. While most people have at least one deck of cards lying around in their homes, there are also a growing group of playing card enthusiasts who love collecting these rare decks.

Some of the most expensive decks are worth thousands of Dollars! These decks are made of 24kt gold.

Many people enjoy card games and magic shows. It makes sense that some players like to collect unique decks of cards. These cards are often quite different from the ones most people have in their homes. They often come with incredible art work and designs.

The infamous Venexiana Gold Playing Card is a one-of-a-kind deck of playing cards that showcases stunning works by designer Lotrek. It features hot-stamped, gold foil on all 52 cards. It is printed on French casino stock, 330gsm. Collectors are extremely interested in these 212 numbered decks, which were limited to just 212.

Another highly coveted deck of playing cards is the Red Fontaine Deck. It was first published by Zach Mueller in 2013. It quickly became a favorite deck of cards among magicians. Its minimalist design appealed a lot to cardists. It was quickly sold.

Zach Mueller, a young illusionist and card magician, created this deck. He was inspired to create it by the vintage casino card designs. His first crowd-funding project, the Red Fontaine deck, was a huge success. It raised its goal in 18 hours, and then doubled it by its end.

In fact, the resale price of this deck has gone up so much that it is now nearly impossible to find them on eBay. This deck is one of the most rare on the resale marketplace and is definitely worth investing.

The Unbranded Black Limited Edition Reserve Note Playing Cards are a great addition to any collection. They are the rarest playing cards from the Federal 52 Part II Collection by renowned playing card designer Jackson Robinson and have only 1,000 decks ever produced. These decks are a special edition product. They have beautiful black backs, embossing red foiling, and a two-panel diptych with George Washington.

Collectors often like to add extras to their decks. This can take the form of a box with the logo of its manufacturer. The Louis Vuitton playing card box is particularly expensive, and it can add a huge amount of value to the entire set.

David Blaine received a special deck of cards from The Expert Playing Card Co. This deck was created in honor of Blaine’s performance at Microsoft. They are very rare to find. They have a retail value of more than $200 and can also be found on the secondary market for hundreds.