What is a Juice Deck?

A juice deck, also known as a Coded Deck or Juiced Deck, is a system for marking cards that allows magicians to identify cards in a deck. The markings are printed on backs of cards and are meant to be seen only by a trained eye.

There are many types available on the marketplace, including those that use a coded system or others that use shade technology. This creates variations in the pigments used to mark the decks. Both are useful in reading the card backs. However the coded deck works better and is easier for magicians.

Some marked decks come with videos to show how to perform full routines with the deck. Luke Jermay’s Marksman Deck and Andy Nyman’s The Code, for example, both include video tutorials that can be used to show advanced tricks with this powerful marking system.

A juice deck is another type. It uses shading technology to create variations of the printing pigments. These markings are difficult to read with standard sunglasses because they require low light conditions.

A juice deck can be a powerful tool for magicians. It can be used as a way to make a deck look more normal or to add more flair to the cards. This marked deck is also known as a “two-shading deck”. It features a darker/easier-to-read marking system on the hearts and spades, and a lighter/more difficult-to read shade on the clubs and diamonds.

Some decks, like the LPCC Sharps use a more advanced edge marking system that allows you to easily identify cards without having to spread the deck or bend the edges. These are much more specialized systems and are not available to the general public, but they do have their own unique benefits for performing magicians.

These marks are easier than professional “professionally” marked decks. They can also be seen from afar without the need to wear special glasses. They are also often less obvious to the spectator, making them more believable than other methods of card cheating.

There are a few ways to see these markings, but the easiest is by wearing a pair of luminous sunglasses that can be purchased from several different stores. Some people also wear special contact lenses to read these marks. This can be very useful if you are performing in front of an audience.

This deck is a great option to make a standard deck look more magical. However it is not for everyone. For some people, a Bicycle style deck will be more practical and easier to read, and for others, a Phoenix or Daredevil deck is better suited to their needs.