360 Degree Casino Device With Infrared Camera For Infrared Marked Cards


Product Information

Scanning Distance: About 3.5M

Scanning Area: About 20-40Cm

Transmitter: 3M

Battery Life: 4 Hours

Application: Poker Games

Manufacturer: GS Company


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The all-powerful 360-degree infrared camera is more advanced than the Cradlehead Juice Mark Card Camera. The cradle head juice marked card camera can read IR marked playing cards that cannot be detected if they are not.

A 360 degree omnipotent IR camera is the best choice for monitoring the entire poker room. This 360 degree IR marked card lens uses a cradle head to control the omnidirectional shooting angle, so you can maximize the range of surveillance distance and read all the luminous marked cards that can’t be detected indoors.

If you want to operate this omnipotent and undetectable IR marked card camera, you need to cooperate with a friend. Next to the IR lens is a signal transmitter, which had to be connected to a signal receiver and a monitor so that you and your friends can see the surveillance image. For example, if a friend is watching a surveillance image in another room, an intercom and a small earpiece can let them know. You can also make decisions in advance during gambling poker games.

In addition, we will customize the optimal monitoring distance according to the installation location.

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