Sound Box Poker Cheating Devices Infrared Camera


Product Information

Scanning Distance: About 2M

Scanning Area: About 10-35Cm

Transmitter: 2M

Battery Life: All The Time

Application: Poker Games

Usage: To See Infrared Ink Cards


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A sound box is a type of music speaker. You can enjoy music and win poker battles. how do i win If you can see all the playing cards on the poker table and the cards in other players’ hands, you can definitely win the gambling game.

Black is a good color to protect many things. At least for IR cheat card cameras. Inside the soundbox is an IR lens and transmitter. The IR lens can zoom in and out, and the camera can rotate 180 degrees. This means you can monitor more than just one poker table in your private poker room. Also, the clarity of the monitoring screen remains the same. You can also clearly see the engraving on the back.

You can watch the video on the monitor. And of course, this soundbox IR camera is not a one-time use for him, so he has to work with a partner. You can use an intercom or wiretap to tell your friend your card suit and number.

When it comes to IR camera operating systems, farther is not better. It would be helpful if you could tell us the distance from your poker desk to where you want to put the black sound box. We also recommend an appropriate monitoring distance. We also recommend installing a sound box behind the bunker.

The sound box is also yours when you order the trump camera with invisible markings on the back of this black colored sound box.

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