Copag Jumbo Face Barcode Marking Playing Cards


Product Information

Decks: 1

Size: Poker Size/Bridge Size

Index: Jumbo Index/Standard Index

Color: Red And Blue

Material: 100% Plastic

Application: Magic Tricks &Amp; Poker Games


Availability: 10000 in stock

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Copag poker cards are made from high quality PVC material that is strictly controlled by the manufacturing process. Copag Barcode Playing Cards with Jumbo Face Marks are printed with invisible ink marks on each edge side that can only be detected by a poker scanner. Most importantly, Copag Jumbo Face Poker Cards with Stealth Edge Side Barcodes have the same look as the original plastic Copag Jumbo Face cards.
How to use barcode invisible ink Copag marked decks in poker games? After scanning with a poker analyzer with a mini lens, the data is sent to the analyzer and results are reported within 0.3 seconds. It is a new technology to cheat in card games. A marked Copag deck can be applied to any type of recreational gambling poker game.
How do you store these cards if they are not used for a short period of time? These cards can be stored in a cool, dry place.

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