Mark Cards For Poker Camera


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Special Poker Marked Decks For Poker Camera

Decks: 2

Size: Bridge Size Or Poker Size

Index: Jumbo Index Or Regular Index

Material: 100% Plastic

Application: Poker Trick, Magic Show, Home Playing, Friends Gathering




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1:1 marked cards are different from cards marked with contact lenses, cards marked with IR ink, or cards marked with regular barcodes for poker analyzers. What is a 1 to 1 marked card?
1:1 Marking Playing Cards only work with 1:1 poker card cameras. Ordinary playing card scanners or poker analyzers with built-in poker cameras cannot detect invisible card marks, even if the marks are still present on the edge side of the marked playing cards. Not to mention using marked Trump contact lenses or a phosphorescent ink glasses kit to read the marks.
If you want to know more about 1 to 1 marked card decks, please contact us anytime.

Product information

Special poker marked deck for poker camera

Decks: 2

Size: Bridge Size or Poker Size

Index: jumbo index or regular index

Material: 100% plastic

Applications: poker tricks, magic shows, home play, friend gatherings


Royal Invisible Ink Mark Poker Cards

royal blue and red juice mark cards

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