Poker Table with Cameras for Texas Holdem Cheating


Product Details

Scanning Distance: About 10-60Cm

Scanning Width: About 10-17Cm

Application: Texas Holdem, Omaha Poker Games

Maximum Player Number: 10 Players

Size: 2.13*1.06*0.8 M Or As Your Request

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A poker table is a table specially designed for playing the poker card game. Poker cameras can help poker players cheat in poker games by scanning bar code marked poker cards. Here he presents one of the most recommended devices for Poker Analyzer, the casino poker table with camera for Texas Hold’em. The Texas Hold’em table is an important part of any casino. There is a mini camera installed on the side of the poker table for cheating. So if you cheat using the poker camera at your poker table, you can control it with your remote control and your poker analysis equipment. This poker table with camera works with any generation of poker analyzer, including PK Poker Analyzer, AKK, and CVK. Also, poker cameras have different scanning distances. One is 8-15 cm, another is 20-40 cm and the last is 40-80 cm. You can plug it in and use it continuously.

During a game of Texas, all of a player’s poker cards are placed on the table. At this point the camera can be turned on via the remote control and the camera inside the poker table can quickly scan the marked barcode poker cards. The cheat analyzer then scans the marked barcode poker cards and instantly transfers analysis data so you know what cards are on the table. Helps you make informed choices in games. succeed in the game.

This poker camera is set inside a poker table that is hard for others to find. A camera-equipped poker table for Texas Holdem is his one of the best covert analysis tools.

Product details

Scanning distance: about 10-60cm

Scan width: about 10-17cm

Application: Texas Hold’em, Omaha Poker Games

Maximum number of players: 10 players

Size: 2.13*1.06*0.8 M or as your request

Delivery time: 30 working days

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poker table with cheat camera

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