Popular Aviator Invisible Ink Marked Playing Cards


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Decks: 1

Size: Bridge Size

Index: Standard Index

Colors: Blue

Material: Paper

Application: Magic Shows, Home Games


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When you think of invisible ink playing cards, everyone thinks of marked playing cards. Also known as Invisible Ink Glass Poker or Marked Deck of Cards. Marked cards of all brands are on sale, including Marked Bicycles, Copag, Modiano, Bee and Fournier marked cards. But Aviator’s marking playing cards deserve more attention.

How to mark playing cards? It sells invisible ink, primarily used to mark cards when playing poker. Invisible ink for playing cards is a great way to mark cards at home. However, the Mark Card Factory has a card marking machine, a luminous ink kit for marking mass-produced cards, which can easily mark all four corners of playing cards. Poker cards of any material can be marked with invisible ink.

Cheating with invisible ink cards, poker sunglasses are suitable for performing marked card tricks. Furthermore, the marked cards cannot be read by the naked eye. However, we do have infrared contacts and luminous colored contact lenses such as Luminous Blue Contact Lenses, Luminous Lens Green and Luminous Lens Hazel. We sell infrared contact lenses. Besides luminous ink contact lenses, infrared ink glasses are glasses for reading invisible ink and ink, which have the same function as the spy’s invisible playing card contact lenses.

Product information

Deck: 1

Size: bridge size

Index: standard index

Color: Blue

Material: Paper

Application: magic show, home game

Aviator Red Jumbo Index Barcode Mark Card Deck

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