Summer Shirt Sleeve Cards Exchanger Devices


Product Information

Model: Clothes

Color: Colorful

Material: Clothes

Cards Of Size: Poker Size, Bridge Size

Application: Exchanging Cards

Delivery Time: 3-5 Working Days


Availability: 10000 in stock

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When summer comes, you need to wear shirts with long cuffs. Cotton jackets with cuff card poker exchangers are not suitable for this season. That’s why we launched the latest fashionable shirt cuff card device to replace your poker deck.
While playing games such as Omaha games, Texas Hold’em games, etc., he may not be able to put his mobile phone, car keys, wallet, etc. on his poker table. Our shirt cuff poker card changer device is suitable for changing poker decks. Plus, you can at least hide two of his cards inside the cuff, regardless of the deck of cards.
How to exchange poker cards using a shirt cuff exchanger? In short, exchanging poker cards has to be done skillfully, carefully and quickly. The short procedure only takes 0.3 seconds, so no one will notice the small difference in the Cuff Magic Card Exchanger.

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