Jumbo Bicycle ESP Marked Decks With Subtly Marked Back


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Color: Blue

Origin: USA

Available For: Magic Tricks

Material: Paper

Size: Poker Size, Jumbo Index

Delivery Time: 3 Working Days



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How does a magician see through the cards chosen by a lucky spectator? Does he really read minds? of course not. Many magicians choose cards with marks on the back. You can know the contents of the card from the marks on the Jumbo Bicycle ESP deck. The mark can be printed anywhere on the back of the marked card. You can also design your own mark that is simple and clear. Due to printing technology, some complex marks cannot be provided.

Unlike other playing cards, the Bicycle Jumbo ESP marked deck has his 25 cards consisting of 5 symbols per set and only 5 sets per deck. It’s not a poker card for poker gambling, it’s a card for a magic show. Many magicians prefer to use cards with the Jumbo Bicycle ESP mark to perform their superhuman, extrasensory power magic.

Product details


Origin: USA

Subject: magic tricks

Material: Paper

Size: poker size, jumbo index

Delivery time: 3 working days

jumbo bike esp


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